Things To Know About The Great British Beer Festival

The Great British Beer Festival is an iconic festival in the UK. It is London’s most famous beer festival. It started in 1975 and is still going on every year. Thousands of people come to the event to taste various kinds of beers. 

At this event, you will get to taste more than a thousand different varieties of great-tasting drinks.

These include ales, perries, wines, gins, ciders, and other drinks from hundreds of breweries across the UK. This event is a paradise for those who love going to pubs.

One of the major highlights of the event is the Champion Beer of Britain award. This award is given to the brewer of the best beer produced in the UK. For individuals to enter this competition, the beer must be available in the market for a minimum of three months and must have entered a regional competition.

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In this event, beers from other countries like New Zealand, the USA, and Australia are also showcased. There will be hundreds of craft beers available for the audiences to try. You will find both the old and new flavours.

This festival gives the brewers a networking opportunity. The brewers display their regular beers and produce small batches of unique beers in collaboration with the other brewers. Many new breweries work with the old and established breweries to develop these small batches of new flavoured beers.

Food stalls are lining up at the venue. You will get to taste some of the best street foods in the UK, along with the finest beers. Live bands play fantastic music, and people dance to the tunes.

This festival is about drinking the finest beers and raising money for a good cause. Games are hosted like beer-pong or pitch and putt to raise awareness about various issues. For example, Prostate Cancer UK organizes competitions to raise funds. Many celebrities also participate in raising money for noble causes.

If you plan to visit this festival, you need to make sure that you carry a lot of water with you. As you will be drinking lots of beers, there is a chance that you might have a hangover. So, to prevent this, it’s essential to have food and water in between drinking beers.

It is best to have coconut water to hydrate your body. Try out a small amount of beer each time instead of having a full glass. This way, you can have control over yourself and taste more beers. This festival is a beautiful way to explore the English culture and meet the local people. If you are in the beer business, then it will create new opportunities for you.

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